If you’ve been wanting to get involved with the McKean County Democratic Party but didn’t know where to start … you’ve found it.


The county Democratic committee is looking for dedicated volunteers to help with the grassroots organizing in each precinct in McKean County. Every four years, the committee elects a committeeman and committeewoman in each voting district.


While the deadline for filing an election petition to get on the May 17 ballot has passed, there are still opportunities for write-ins on the Democratic ticket. If you are interested in learning more, contact Marty Wilder, martywilder7@me.com or by phone 814 362-2442.


Please hurry a bit as the county will soon sent out mail-in ballots, one of the opportunities for a write-in candidacy. Voting in person, of course, won’t take place until May 17.

Once a new committee is elected, the group forms to elect officers — chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer. The top two officers must be of opposite genders.

The group also elects an executive committee which represents the different geographical regions within the county. They are authorized to act in lieu of the full committee, provided their actions are ratified at a later full meeting of the group.


What are the responsibilities of a committeeman or -woman?


Mostly, you serve as the link between the people who live in your precinct and the county, state and national Democratic parties. To your constituents, you are a source of information about voter registration, mail-in voting, qualifications for candidates for public office. On the other hand, you can keep state and national Democrats informed about how the “grassroots” feels about a candidate or issue.

Often, Committee persons will canvass their constituents before an upcoming election, keeping them informed about a slate of candidates important to higher offices. You would be the person to hand out yard signs to your neighbors, or literature for a candidate on an upcoming ballot. And of course, these volunteers help “get out the vote” on Election

Day, making sure everyone understands the ballot and has a ride to the polls.


Finally, your group of constituents will likely contain at least one if not more people who wish to seek an elective office — city council, school board, or maybe even state Senator or U.S. Congress. Who knows, maybe the next president of the United States lives in YOUR precinct!


Whether you realize it or not — and most of us do — Democrats are outnumbered by Republicans by a 2:1 margin in the county. In some precincts, the ratio is even worse.


But that still means we have thousands of Democrats out there, and that number can grow if we can get our message out to many thoughtful, concerned neighbors.


Being a committee person means a few meetings a year and, yes, some dedication to the cause. But we need you. McKean County is in desperate need of a new way of thinking, a new way of doing business, and you can help.