Josh Shapiro:  *** Governor of PA *** 

Current PA Attorney General

Throughout his career, Josh Shapiro has stood up for the people of Pennsylvania, taken on the status quo, and delivered results. Josh grew up in Pennsylvania, watching his parents serve their community — and it was their example that inspired him to enter into public service. He helped write and pass some of the toughest ethics laws in state history, led a fiscal and ethical turnaround in Montgomery County, and has taken on the powerful and well-connected as Attorney General. As Governor, Josh Shapiro will continue to take on the big fights and bring people together to get things done.

Lt. Gov John Fetterman:   ***** US Senate for PA  *****

currently serving as PA Lt Governor

Running to be that 51st Vote.  He is the man "for the people"!



Malcolm Kenyatta:   ** US Senate from PA **

currently serving:  PA General Assembly

Voters in Philadelphia need to see and hear that Malcolm Kenyatta grew up in a working-class family in Philadelphia. He worked minimum wage jobs, put himself through college and was one of the youngest people elected to the state legislature. In the legislature, he fought to raise the minimum wage, protect workers’ rights, and combat gun violence. Malcolm says we can’t expect the Senate to work unless we send a working person to the Senate. In the Senate, Malcolm fought to protect a woman's right to choose, for voting rights, for a fair justice system, and for good paying union jobs.


Alex Khalil:   ** US Senate from PA **

Alex Khalil is a Mom, an advocate, organizer, an unpaid public servant, a former small business owner and educator who believes Pennsylvania’s elected officials must focus on and work for the well-being and best interests of all Pennsylvanians. Alex believes the economic power of small business. Alex believes that the Federal government needs to use all tools available to end the needless suffering and hardships currently facing fellow Pennsylvanians and Americans.


Conor Lamb:  ** US Senate from PA ** 

Lamb represents Pennsylvania’s 17th district in Congress, which includes much of the Pittsburgh-area suburbs and all of Beaver County. Lamb won a special election in March 2018 in a district that Trump won by nearly

20 points. He went on to win reelection in 2018 and 2020 in two Republican districts.


Brian Sims:  *****  PA Lt Governor  *****

currently serving PA House of Representatives  

My name is Brian Sims and I’m running for Lt. Governor. I think everyday about the values that my Army officer parents instilled in me. To take responsibility, to show empathy, to have courage, and to be authentic. I want to put those values to the direct service of the Commonwealth.

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Ryan Davis:    ** PA Lt Governor **

currently serving in the PA House of Representatives


A lifelong resident of McKeesport, Austin knows the struggles working families face firsthand.  After becoming a first generation college graduate, he has spent his career in public service - eventually becoming the first Black Representative of the 35th district in the Mon Valley.

Austin has spent his career fighting for the people of Western Pennsylvania - including communities that are too often forgotten in Harrisburg.  He's fought for working people - advocating to make health care more affordable, supporting a higher minimum wage, and working to bring good-paying jobs to Western Pennsylvania.

Austin is running to be our first black Lt Governor and the highest ranking Black elected official in Pennsylvania history.


James Heckman:    ** PA State Democratic Committee **
currently serving:  PA State Democratic Committee for McKean County

Some of my accomplishments during my first term:

  • Perfect attendance; I have been present at every meeting, and haven't missed a single vote.

  • Led a team on a resolution that called for a Rural Organizer in 2019. The position was created in 2020.

  • Brought Act Blue to McKean County, a fundraising service that has brought in thousands of dollars to the county party.

  • Served as NW Region Director for PA Young Democrats, and helped get new chapters organized in our neighboring counties.

  • Organized several events in McKean County for candidate visits.

In my second term:

I plan to run for Chair of the PA Northwest Caucus Democrats, along

with running mate Stephanie White of Clarion County.  Together, we plan on strengthening existing networks, finding new ways for our counties to work together, and obtaining resources to help candidates running in the NW Region. We are ready to bring fresh visions to the caucus and follow them up with sensible projects that will make the caucus a stronger organization with more tools for our democratic candidates.

I would appreciate your vote on May 17, 2022