Our Elected Representatives

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Cliff Lane 

current McKean County Commissioner



I have been most fortunate to have served as your County Commissioner for 12 years and I thank you for the opportunity – during that time, we’ve made changes that have led to many improvements in McKean County.  My primary goals have always been to foster changes that best serve the needs of all County residents and we’ve been successful, having instituted numerous beneficial changes in County operations over the years.


McKean County is in the midst of some of the most profound challenges and changes that many of us will witness in our lifetimes.  Change is a predictable fact of life – it happens, whether we’re ready or not.  What is important is how we adjust and learn how to control those changes.  With change comes opportunity and opportunity is what future generations will need in order to build their family’s future in McKean County. I believe we still face many challenges – working together, we can convert the challenges to opportunities that will help make our County a better place to live and work.  I bring the values, problem solving skills, common sense and Experience needed to manage the challenges and issues McKean County will face in the coming years!

Cliff will not be running for County Commissioner again in 2023.  Any McKean County Democrat, interested in running for this  position, please send an email to the county chair.  martywilder7@me.com


Federal Senator, Bob Casey Jr.


Governor Tom Wolf