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McKean County Pennsylvania is a rural county in northwestern Pennsylvania. We border New York state to the north and contain approximately 25% of Pennsylvania's only National Forest, the Allegheny National Forest along the western half of the county. The largest municipality is Bradford City, our county seat is the borough of Smethport. Other boroughs include Eldred, Kane, Lewis Run, Mount Jewett, and Port Allegany. 15 Townships make up the majority of McKean County and include Annin, Bradford Township, Ceres, Corydon, Eldred Township, Foster, Hamilton, Hamlin, Keating, Lafayette, Liberty, Norwich, Otto, Sergeant, and Wetmore. McKean county has a population of approximately 40,000 residents. 

McKean County Democratic Committee is a non-profit political organization of citizens with a democratic political affiliation, although all are welcomed to events and meetings even those that may not be registered as Democrats. 



We hold regular meetings at various locations in McKean County. We try to rotate meetings throughout the 22 municipalities in McKean County to accommodate all members. We have held meetings in Bradford, Smethport, Eldred, Port Allegany, Lewis Run, and Mt Jewett.  

Other events we have include various candidate events and "Demstock" which is a regional gathering of Democrats from all across the state.  Other democratic organizations are invited to this event as well as many fundraising activities for the candidates.  Originally began as a PA15 "support through socialization" event and has grown democratic meeting of  various organizations that are within our congressional district (PA 15th) to kick off the campaign and election season.

Also, some of our members host "Drinks with Dems" events on their own time. These are great social and networking events but are independent of the McKean County Democratic Committee.

Yearly we have a booth at the McKean County Fair in Smethport, PA.  Come visit us at the fair in August. Meet our elected representatives and candidates running on the democratic ticket for various offices.

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